Felix & Reuben has only one rectangle shape stainless steel cufflinks option but two different engraving options. With this company it is not about the precious cufflinks, it´s about the cute idea.These cufflinks can be fully personalised to include the handprints or footprints of up to four children and also include a name next to each print.

If you have four children, there will be two prints on each cufflinks together with names. If you have three children you can have a special message where the fourth print would normally go. If you have a three children and dog / cat, then it´s no a problem to include their prints as well.

Prices £60 – £70.

Felix & Reuben is a family run business based in Hinckley, owned and managed by Charlotte Wakeling. She is the designer and creator of all the jewellery.
The company was born in October 2015 after child birth, when Charlotte started to document every precious moment with her son. So she thought she’d combine her passion and experience of jewellery design together with desire to capture moments in time for others and their families.